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Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku

About me

Hello dear followers and customers, it's a pleasure
for me to present you my gallery.

I'm a freelancer artist who love draw for others to practice it's skills. I hope my drawing will please your eyes and make you smiles. I'm working everyday except the weekend so I'm mostly on my computer. If you want to ask me somequestion or simply want to chat it will be a pleasure to talk to you. I love show my drawing through livestream and make adoptable. Particularly custom one who are most of the time open. If you want to commission me feel free send me a note with the question you have in mind no worry I don't bite. You could also always look on the link on the bottom, all the basic information are there.

Every single fave and watch mean a lot to me, sorry if I don't reply to all of them but I'm really thankfull about it.

Are you a boy or a girl ?

Well thanks to ask me I'm a woman, but if you consider me as a boy I don't mind either since we never met in real life.

How old are you ?

I've 21y.o. and will turn 22 in may~

From which nationality do you come from ?

I'm a french canadian quebecer.

What software do you use ?

Paint Tool SAI and a little bit of photoshop

What Tablet do you use ?

I started with a little Bamboo many years ago and now I've a first generation Cintiq

Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku

Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku

Commission Information

I'm Open most of the time, you can leave me a note when you want I'll reply as quick as possible. Be sure you read my tos !

:bulletgreen: My ToS
:bulletgreen: My Prices…
:bulletgreen: My Furaffinity…

To Do List
You can always see what I'm working on the link below.…



Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku


Personnal- Western Volatikai
While working on commission I decided I wanted to finish a drawing that was pending since a while in my computer (about 2-3 months I think). I'm so happy how she turned out.

Here's Nikolaï surogate mother. She's a western volatikai that is unfortunately unable to reproduce and have her own pup. When Nikolai's adoptive father discovered her he though it might be the perfect one to teach Nikolai how to survive on his own like a true volatikai.

She doesn't have a name yet but she know human language and live near them. When Niko's father proposed her to keep the pup she couldn't resist but consider her as her own. She's pretty aggressive toward other female of her kind due to her jealousy since they can give birth while she can't.

Art & Character© little-noko
Western Volatikai© shorty-antics-27
Commission- Minene-chan
Another artwork done so far, hell yeah !

This one is for minene-chan who asked me for her character licking an italian ice cream cone. I'm really happy how this one turned out since I don't draw zebra often.

Art© little-noko
Character© minene-chan
Commission- -Mizzbinks-
Pixel icon for -mizzbinks-, I'm not used to character with lots of details but this one was really fun to draw. I'm glad I managed to draw today too, I feel I'm getting back on the right track and it's so great to be creative again.

I got a call from the hospital, I'll have my surgery at August 18th, I'm so nervous since it's my first surgery, but after that I'll get way better and I'll be able to live normally again~<3

Art© little-noko
Character© -mizzbinks-
Hello peeps, I've been tagged so there it is.

Before start it, I want to tell to the people that I'm slowly recovering from the hospital. I'll get an important surgery to remove my gallbladder in the end of august, so until then I'm still working on commission but I'm awfully slow XD

The 13 Rules

1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that" 
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, RP, etc.
12. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
13. Cussing is ALLOWED.


1. Is there anything you could change in the past to improve your future?
I would change nothing. As painful and hard my experiences have been in my past I acquired wisdom and strength through them.

2. Fluff or Scales?
I actually love drawing both, I love feathers too. It's always pleasant to do mixt.

3. Favorite Soft Drink(s)?
LIMONAAAAAADE ( it's drug for me )

4. Favorite Food?
Mmmmh, it's not something people usually eat a lot (I'm not a fast food fan), it's stuffed vine leaves. Which contain lamb meat and rice and tons of lemons !
Other then that I'm a sushi lover !

5. Tea? Coffee? Both?
TEA, for sure

6. Favorite Brand of Tea or Coffee? (Relating to #5)
I always bought my tea at the david's tea shop near my town, I especially love Rooibos and black tea.

7. Favorite Food Chain?

Mmmmh... maybe Tekka Sushi I don't really know.

8. Would you eat local or Fast-food chain on going to somewhere on vacation? 
I love to try local food when I go somewhere I've never been. It's always good to try new thing.

9. Do you prefer living out in the country or in the city?
I'm a country girl who live in a forest. I hate city which I think is way too loud. But it's sure is more convenient to bought stuff you need and for the internet.

10. Favorite Snack Food Brand?
.... Yum Yum sunflower seeds... <<

11. Favorite Music Genre(s)?(subgenres allowed)
Celtic and Harmonic song. I'm an Eluveitie and Nightwish fan, but I'm pretty open to everything.

12. Any dreams that you had that came true?
Not really.

13. Do you commonly or uncommonly get depressed and what might be the cause of it(if yes)?
Nah, that's make me work harder to get my goal.


My question now:

1. Is your family really important for you ?
2. Would it be hard for you to do what you think is right when your against the opinion of someone important for you ?
3. Are you the kind of person who prefer take the easiest path to get to your goal or put effort to get there ?
4. Introvert or Extrovert ?
5. Do you enjoy going inside ?
6. What's your favorite hobby ?
7. If you could have a pet what would it be ?
8. Are you creative ?
9. Are grade important for you ?
10. Choose, Muscle or Brain ? ( cannot be both)
11. What's your most important sense? How would you react if you loose it?
12. What's your worst fear ?
13. How would you react if you end up being immortal ? Would you be pleased ?



1. CandyCornHusky
2. shorty-antics-27

3. abastatic

5. ShadowOfSolace


Commission- Zardis
God, it took me such a long time, don't draw for so long played with my drawing speed a lot more then I though. Here's an Summer Icon couple for Zardis who asked for a slush instead of a regular icecream cone or popsicle,

Hope you like it people !

Art© little-noko
Characters© shady. & zardis

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