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AE- Myrna the sealed spirit by Little-Noko AE- Myrna the sealed spirit by Little-Noko
:bulletblue:Name; She don't have one but humans call her Myrna in her world.
:bulletblue:Age; We can't give her an exactly age, but she's sealed in a body since 22 years old.
:bulletblue: Height; 5 feet 4 inches
:bulletblue:Weight; 125 Lbs
:bulletblue:Gender; Female.
:bulletblue:Division; The monster division
:bulletblue: Species; A forest spirit sealed in a material body by humans.

Sealed spirit are spirit who get captured and forced them to wear a material form to get exploited like animal, object or slave. Those spirit loose their name and can't be released until the owner of the spell decided to do it by himself something who rarely happen.

:bulletblue:Birth world; Palvynn

Palvynn is a world full of vegetation and people who fear magic and spirits. There's a place where people hunt magic users and capture spirits to use them as weapon against witches and sorceress. Only a few mage can use magic without being chased as monsters. Those elders are the one who 'domesticate' spirits and seal them into a material form that's why the people from Palvynn let them use their magic when they want. All the people get ruled by them, each region have their high mage and one apprentice at his side. Instead what people though Palvynn isn't a peacefull place. Each people try to possess the other territory through huge war between sealed spirits and their owners.


Myrna story start at the beginning of her own world she was a representant of her family, the 'queen of the forest'. At this time Myrna doesn't have any name, she was only exist to protect her family and the forest where she was born. She doesn't have any body she was omnipresent through the territory of her forest, her eyes was the sky, her body; the trees and the ground, her voice; the wind. Her only body was quite strange for people who seem her. She get described as a strange doe with a long tail of ribbon wings arround her who are only composed of light.
But one day she get tricked by humans. They started to cut the trees of her precious forest, furious she tried to chased them, but a mage was there, captured her and confined her into his pendant. The connection between her forest and her broked and without any power she wasn't able to do anything except wait until the mage release her. But he doesn't do it, he dragged her into the highest tower of the nearest city, probably his city. She waited many weeks into the pendant until a man finally came, his futur owner. Sealed spirit owner was really hard to find, they usually are noble and rich man who paid the mage to get their own servant.
And then her new life started. The forest spirit get dragged into a complex incantation to force herself to create a material body something really painfull for a spirit who never possess their own body. Because they didn't have one they start their new life into a powerless little baby. The man dragged her into his villa and letted her grow up. Years passed, the girl get many lesson and get forced to learn human culture. The pendant arround her neck limited her power and cut the connection with her and the forest. At least it forced her to get domesticated and obey as a little pet to his 'father'.
But the man wasn't satisfied of his product, the young sealed spirit was reborn completely blind, an error in the ritual ? Maybe, but blind, she can't be used as a warrior. In an other word, she was useless. Furious, the man always get a reason to beat her violentely in many kind of way. But one day the woman choosed to leave the villa as fast as possible this make her owner really angry and he burned her face to giving her a lesson and forced her to take care of his garden. This little contact with the vegetation maked her more docile and soft.
And finally his master died through a battlefield, until they can name a new master for her she leaved her jail to go were the humans talking about since a moment a new world where she can live freely.


Myrna have a curious personnality. As a ex-immaterial spirit she get dependant of contact and love touch people to 'see' them and their proximity. She have a huge appetite and love eat sure and spicy thing. As a forest spirit her attitude is neutral, but because of her past she still really cold against human but really warm with people related to a forest or an animal.
People can easily read her as a book too see her feeling, all her body tell it through her tail, her ears and her face. She also always wear heavy and huge clothes to hide her scars and the symbol who make her as a slave. She also don't like when people comment about her burn mark on her face.


:bulletwhite: Healing; Myrna can heal all her wounds completely in a few minutes, but only letal damage. Magic and particularly fire affect her because of her origine. She can also heal people wound with her saliva and her tears.

:bulletwhite: Universal communication; Myrna talk every language as she was her own, she can be a nice traductor for a group. Universal language include creature and animal knowlege.

:bulletwhite: Empathy; she can 'see' the feeling of the people arround her, it's her only way to 'see' what is arround her through the natural darkness.

:bulletwhite: Prehensil tail; Myrna's tail can be used as a third hand. But also the spines on it possess a tranquilisant poison to reduce pain.

:bulletwhite: Wisp; the only thing who can really make her dangerous. Wisp are little fire spirit and they particularly love Myrna. She use them as guide and as shield if someone attack her.

:bulletblue:Rp promt;

You have finally worked hard enough to gain ONE SINGLE VACATION DAY. It would be a year till your next one so you should probably use this day wisely. The world is your oyster. What does your character do?

Myrna walked through the headquarter as fast as she can do in her respective room, she didn't need to see to know were she was each place have his different smells and ambiance. When she enter in her room she smiled like she was in heaven. All her room was invade by plant, it was her private place, her peacefull place. She caressed the leaves his favorite one, a plant from her ancient forest. The texture and the smell of her flowers was his favorites. For her single vacation day she wanted to be in her personnal garden full of birds.

:bulletblue:Rp promt; skype and note o3o/

:bulletblue: additionnal fact;

- She can't turn into her true form, only her owner can deliver her from the necklace arround her neck.

Art & Myrna(c) *Little-Noko
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