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March 8, 2012
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SoC- Kerato Raven's Creed apps by Little-Noko SoC- Kerato Raven's Creed apps by Little-Noko
Fifth Update- 2013-08-11; Yeah I know there's a new update but.... for the first time since a long time, I think I don't need to change anything in this final result. I hope you all will like it. I get tired to see him wear red stuff XD.

Why did he wear an armor ? Since an important hosted RP Kerato get really damaged. As a ''Tank'' fighter, wear a leather armor could help him to reduce his physical damage a little.

Feel free to comment ;u;.

:bulletblack:Name; Kerato Raven
:bulletblack:Age; 26 years one more year o3o 
:bulletblack: Species; Humanized Tengu.
Tengu are a strange species of physical spirit, majority of them are now at the 'savage' state, they don't appreciate the civilisation and only eat corpse. An humanized tengu is accustomed to leave with human and wear their human form the majority of the time and eat human food. ( they need sometime to eat dead body for stay healty but they're more civilized compared to their 'savage' state.
Information about the species;
:bulletblack: Height; 5 feet 9 inches
:bulletblack:Weight; 170 Lbs
:bulletblack:Gender; Male.
:bulletblack:Faction; Ares.
:bulletblack:Birth country; Ares at Raven Coast during the fal (october 31)
:bulletblack: Voice;…
:bulletblack: Themesong;…

:bulletblack: Family;
:bulletyellow:Son; Holly was born since at april 1th and the little tengu was really active and curious. He was completely dependant from his mother.
:bulletyellow:Father; Aetos Raven, this old and aggressive tengu are the leader of the clan named ''Raven's Creed''. It is the most ancient clan of tengu from Zion and the most important. They doesn't have the best father/son relation since the young successor chose to stay with Ariel. But Aetos finally accepted her into the family after his son taked his place as the leader of his clan.
:bulletyellow:Mother; Kleva Raven 'Aviron' (died 13 years ago), she isn't the official wife of Aetos. She's come from another clan less important. She is the sister of Turmel’s husband and the old leader falled in love with her. Kleva loved her son a lot and the young tengu lost her when he was only 12 years old.
:bulletyellow:Aunt; Turmel Raven, this really old tengu is the old sister of Aetos and the mother of Calith & Lintar. She was an ancient ally of Earthra, who are considered as a protector of this country. She is really protective against Kerato's future bride and she approuved her nephew to choose his own way. She also remplace Kerato as leader for a moment until the young tengu be more experimented and powerfull.
Calith Raven; He is like a big bro over-protective against him. The tengu protected Kera from Aetos after Klevah died. Kerato doesn't really appreciate him since he tried to kill Ariel 3 times. But after the wedding the tengu tried to forgive himself from Ariel and totally fall in love with the little baby.
Lintar Raven; He is the oldest brother of Calith, this tengu still neutral and obedient to Kera, he see him as the future clan's leader and try to give to him a chance to made his way. But as every member of the clan, he was obedient to Aetos and follow his orders. He leaved the clan a while later to get engaged with a female from an other clan.

:bulletblack:Job; Army; Soldier and actual leader of his clan.


All Tengus have this power. This is an innate and natural ability for all of them. Tengu may take any form, but his most natural form is a raven and/or a humanoid with wings. The wing are permanent in every form. He naturally return in his true form when he sleep, but not necessary if he fall inconscient.
When Kerato shift in another form he doesn't choose exactly the look he want. He can't take one look older than his own and can't take a bigger either. It is always abore his natural color is pale yellow eyes, a pale skin and hair, feathers, fur, scales of a black raven. If Kerato have wound, the injuries don’t disappear when he switches in another form.
:bulletyellow:Telepathy (possession form);
This power can see really abusive but it's not. When Kerato used this skill a large aura came out from his body and enter in the other one in a distance of 2 meters. When the dark aura enter in the body of his 'victim' there's a connection who get create between the both mind. Kerato can see the recent memory and what the person think but it was also the same for the other person. This connection had a little inconvenient. When someone hurt the 'victim' it's hurt also Kerato physically. When this connection was create the 'fight' between the two minds start. The weakest let his place to the other one and let the other search even more in his mind for some information. (During this kind of skill Kerato and the other one can't move) This strong ability make him really exhausted during a fight so he use it only if it's the only option.
:bulletyellow:Handling weapons;
Kerato started to fight with scythes when he joined the army, but he doesn't handle them really well and finally decide to throw his scythes away for handle two trench knives, with them he was fast and dangerous. He can stab his enemy and cut their throat. He was particularly talented with them.
:bulletyellow:Write and Read; Litrai helped him for improve it, before join the army he doesn't know any of both. Louka improved also his skill and gave some advice to him.
:bulletyellow:Basic medicine; clean, suture, bandage, not impressive skill.
:bulletyellow:Natural abilities;
Kerato has some natural abilities from his species like physical strength, endurance and FLY (so obvious). Into his real form he have a prehensile tail and he is more fast.


Kerato is a suspicious person and put little trust in anyone. Especially marked by his past, he is a careful character and never trust people who he doesn't know really well. Despite this small flaw, the young tengu is rather pleasant and uncommonly curious. He loves to try what he doesn't know. Kerato is the kind of character who love learn and improve every time, it's the better way for approach him as a bird the young tengu have a untrustfull personality, he need time for trust people he can flee easily away if someone look suspicious.

When he trust someone the tengu is really open and frank. He can look rude sometime but he doesn't mean it. Understand Kerato feeling are really easy, when the tengu are nervous, scared, excited or angry, his feathers swelled. All of his body talk by himself and he is a pathetic liar. His greatest qualities still his tolerance and his loyalty. Kerato is respectful and consider everyone above him. The majority of his personality comes from his family who beat him often because it caused too much trouble, he be brainwashed by his clan and be a military dog. But since he met Ariel he see the world differently and be able to think by himself. He still sometime troubled and can't take a decision by himself correctly and always think with the opinions of others. Because of this, he rarely complains, but if someone try to insult or hurt who he appreciate he can be violent and really aggressive.

His savage side sometime come to the surface, he growl and attack impulsivily the person who menaced him and his entourage. He can kill if he feel the danger. This side come the most of the time when he obey to the order, he can put his personality away and be the military dog when his superior need it. But he was also able to have some leadership and are someone really organised and intelligent. Instead what people though the tengu are really intelligent and studying everything arround him.

Kerato also have an other side not everyone know, he have a paternal attitude against the people he really care and are more wise then people though. Because of his past Kerato get a lot of experience through his unfortunate childhood and can give some advice to people who are lost and broken.


Kerato was born at Raven Coast few years before Arean was released from the moon. He grew up in a mannerless and dangerous world under painful condition. Son of the clan's leader and a concubine, the tengu was unfortunately destinate to be the next leader. If their condition wasn't that much bad, the clan probably enjoyed the newborn, plus a pure blood (female tengu are really rare). But it's be the opposite. His Family was little (forthy tengu approximately) and they didn't take risks in order to survive on the aggressive and destructive lands of Ares. It was every man for himself in his family, and Kerato didn't know what real family comfort was. When he was little, the desire of Kerato was to get noticed by his father. This caused many problems on the family and the little was being beaten. His mother was the only one who cherished him as a little tresure and the relation with his mother be really close. Because of Calith's mistake Kerato see his mother died in front of him by his own father who tried to punished the scarface tengu. Calith loosed his arm a few day after and decided to protect his cousin from the anger of Aetos.

The group was searching corpses on rumble to eat it and survive as long as possible. The little Tengu was trailing behind, and no one provided him with education: only survival mattered, and he learned to fly at an early age.
Although once proud and noble, the family lost its prestige during the ascent of Ares on the moon. The Tengu were feared by their power and carry operation, for manipulators and very numerous. This family had some political influence. Once respected and almost glorified, this race was now known as vultures, the worst kind of cowards, hiding to survive. Now their number of member is declining and the influence of terror that the Tengu were suffered to Ares was now over.... The young Kerato didn't know much and was discrete because every time he cried or complained, he was beaten. In this family was the most important is survived and the discretion, he couldn't allow it to attract even more attention by the fault of a child. Moreover a bastard son legitimate or not.

Kerato remained docile and quiet so he didn't upset the family that was trying its best to survive. Sometimes, he had to hide when there were attacks from other hungry groups.

He saw a lot of members of his family get killed and sometimes eaten by their own kind. Kerato family relationship was a very dark. The members considered him an error and a waste. Only his mother still trying to deal with him, but it was very little attention. Since his father killed her he stopped to bothered and compain any member of his family and stay quiet and silent, afraid to see what his father can do when he was angry.

When Ares returned to the land of Zion, the reputation of Tengus didn’t improve. The Family situation was so tight now as the father of the young Tengu offered his 19 years old son a better education. Therefore, Kerato was trained as a future soldier to get back the prestige of his family. As before, he folded without complaining to his father, even if he had no desire. But he just knew the life of survival; he didn’t see why he would complain more. For the father it was the best way to make the child someone useful. His father having any contact with the armed course and brought his son in the faction. The young tengu left the territory of Raven-Coast and was integrated in the armed, he was placed as a pathfinder for his ability to blend with his environment and his ability to fly. The new little soldier enter on the army of Areans.

One year after he join the army Kerato get a lot of experience and learned to live among civilised people instead live in Raven Coast with the rest of his family. He also met a wonderful young woman named Ariel. Their relation started as simple friend and little by little both became closer and became a couple who loved hardly each other. The woman teached inconsciently to the tengu how to be human and appreciate his own self.

The shy and awkward tengu progressivly become more confident about himself and being really productive to get money and build their own little home at Dilvera a town near of Necropolis.

Through an important familial affair with an other tengu's clan Ariel get pregnant a news both don't expected until the end of the war. But after many long reflexions both decided to keep him. The news enjoyed the old clan who leaved Raven Coast to return in their old temple and they decided to organise for them a huge wedding celebration. The old tradition wanted the successor being the new leader after the birth of his first born. Something who happened after the birth of Holly. Because of all the responsability he get, the tengu leaved Litrai's shop and his pathfinder job. He diriged the clan a few month until take an important decision.

He estimate himself too young and inexperimented to take the decision of the old clan and wanted to be more mature until take all the responsability. At this moment he asked to Turmel, his aunt, to remplaced him for a while. He reintegred the army as a soldier and started to train himself even more. He wanted to his son's future a word completely free from discrimination. A freedom world where demons and monsters wasn't chased because of what they are. A world where his son can grow up in peace.

:bulletblack:Random Facts;
:bulletyellow: His favorite meal are rabbit.
:bulletyellow: He was overprotective against people he appreciate and have a father attitude.
:bulletyellow: When he is nervous, angry or even surprised, his feathers puffed.
:bulletyellow: It has been rather emotional, kind and gentle when he trust someone.
:bulletyellow: He rarely show his feeling, he prefer to keep them inside to look stronger then he was.
:bulletyellow: Although suspicious it is rare to see him insult others.
:bulletyellow: He is good with manual manipulation.
:bulletyellow: The music fascinates him.
:bulletyellow: He have a photographic memory.
:bulletyellow: He has a fear of Felines.
:bulletyellow: His armlet hide a huge and deep scar because his arm are fragilized since Calith tried to cuted it.
:bulletyellow: Animals are scared of him because of his dark aura.
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lualy Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Ah so it's a leather armor *makes suggestive eyes and gets shot* no okay but, what did you do to your son?! I mean, even though I really like the design of the armor -and the blue suits Kerato so damn well!- you had to draw him one because he got injured and that's no good news :icondeathstareplz:
Little-Noko Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
ahaha, he get controlled by a mind controlling monster. His wings get chewed by it and many people tried to stop him move. At the end he get really hurted XD
Winterferns Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student
I still love that armor. oAo 
It's so pretty~:heart:
Little-Noko Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you winnie~<3
ianessom Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
cool work
Little-Noko Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
OH MY GODNESS ! Someone awesome and impressive like you who compliment my work @A@ I feel like I'm in heaven ! thank you !
Dea-89 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
Hello! I just wanted to leave a reminder here to make ABSOLUTELY certain that you are aware of how uneasy we are with mental control abilities. The enter dreams ability reaches very close to this subject, so please make sure when RPing this ability that you leave it up to someone else's mental strenght (owner of the other character) if it works or not. In case we get power abuse reports we might have to ask you to please remove the ability. Thank you!
Little-Noko Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I modified the mental ability with some restriction I hope it's alright for you ~ and no worry as overpower the skill I write looks like they aren't. I just forget to mention the limit OTL
AkaneXhoshigaki Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Student
i like his new outfit! *_*
WolfShadowYuma Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
What a good lookin daddeh he is! XD
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